FAQ – Kansas City Concrete Solutions

Perfecting the service polished concrete


1) Why the concrete crack?

Since many times, cracks made in the concrete are because the soil is prepared improperly before it is completely pour concrete, the other is that you may be using an installer without sufficient reinforcement. Another reason that can damage the concrete is the weather, either heavy rain, very cold or heat. It can also be soil movement, which can break concrete.


2) What is best for an epoxy concrete basement or polish?

Polish concrete. Since it gives a very nice and warm down look and in turn allows the concrete to breathe. When designers will put an upper layer such as epoxy for example, after sealing the concrete, if there is some moisture in place, they will create bubbles in the coating.


3) What is best for a garage floor polishing or epoxy?

For a garage it is much better to use the epoxy, since it is very easy to clean and maintain. The coating makes it resistant to stains, and in turn experts will put a scatter sand does not have landslides. It is also very accurate for commercial kitchens because it reduces the risk of harm to employees and any slippage.


4) How do I care for my concrete polish?

Certain specific techniques made during the cleaning process. We always recommend that the chemical cleaning we provide our customers to have a deeper and effective cleaning use. This process includes water, detergent, and a mop. With these materials you can make a very effective cleaning your floors.


5) Can I damage an epoxy floor?

Indeed if you can damage scratching epoxy floor. That is why experts recommend not designers for home epoxy floors, since it was created to external parties, is sleeker and scratch resistant. Epoxies floors cannot be easily scratched and are very easy to care for. Spend a car for these apartments will not damage them.


6) Can you be put designs on my floors?

Of course you do, you can make custom templates either your company logo or any image or scenery you want. With epoxies floors can add bright colors and even can make very beautiful reliefs. The polish concretes neutral but can have different colors and can choose according to their preferences. Everything goes according to the relationship between the amount of dye and pattern that I hold.