Dull to bright in just a few small hours.

We are experts in concrete sealing and coating; in turn we are experts in epoxy flooring. With 10 years of experience in Kansas City Concretes, we are very complete solutions that provide to our customers the commercial and residential concrete.

We help to give a new look to your concrete floors and coating we do; it is the result of a special blend of latex and acrylic resins with high resistance and the cement mix using is the best. With this mixture, your floors will not only have high durability, but count on consistent brightness without much effort to keep it.

With our products you can be assured that will not steal your bank account with costly maintenance that perhaps cannot hold and in turn we provide you years of useful life to your floors, it is why Concretes Kansas City gives you the best solutions for your floors from the beginning to the end.


Why concrete sealing and coating?

There are two options on the concrete leave the brightest and durable floors. it is also true that with the passage of time, these soils tend to become susceptible to impact physical suffering, concrete sealing and coating is the reaction and physical action of disinfectants and cleaners, with which the concrete floors are protected of the wear and that is why they play a very important role.

This type of coating is placed directly on the ground so that it can last longer. This coating is totally different ceramic coatings and coverings tiles that many people apply for aesthetic purposes.


Coated concrete – What form?

Even when we are beginning the process of lining concrete, our experts analyze and evaluate your floors to determine the size of the damage so you can inspect the type of surface to verify if the floor is damaged, some cracks, among others. To see that any damage, specialists begin to patch and repair the ground before the coating is made. To do this, we use the best quality materials and so we carry out repair and upgrade process, to finally prepare the surface and finally apply the coating.

Again we remind you that concrete Solutions is the best choice you can have for covering commercial and residential environments. We have 10 years to comply with strict and stringent requirements to all our customers.

If you want more information about the concrete coating and sealing, please contact us today.