Polished Concrete Floors

Polished concrete surfaces

If you’re looking for is a viable and long lasting option, here your search ends; Kansas City Concrete Solutions is a leading company in polished concrete.


Importantly, the interior decorators and renovators use a lot of this type of soil, as they represent a fashion trend in terms of interior design is concerned. One benefit that gives you the polished concrete is that it provides a high gloss finish to your floors which gives a higher level. The polished concrete was created to be even brighter than the marble and granite finishes. They provide a very shiny, which are adapted to the objectives or needs either a corporate office or residential basement.

One of the benefits provided by the polish concrete is that it is easy to clean and maintain, unlike other floors that need different chemicals or products to maintain their professional finish, the polish concrete is easy to maintain. Simply you clean the dust accumulated on the surface and ready sweeps; and if it is very dirty and stained simply use a damp cloth and the floor look like new again.


Polish concrete benefits

It is cost effective: Unlike other floors, polish concrete is very accessible and affordable. Although initially the costs may seem to the other floors, maintenance, polishing and retouching that is the hardest thing; it is very economical and simple.

It is very versatile: these soils can give you a wide range of colors and designs. One of the largest options offered by this type of soil is that companies use it to stamp the name of your company or business. That is why many people use today and in turn is very common to see in garages or other areas.

Another benefit provided by the polish concrete is that it makes spaces look spacious and provide a very good reflection of light. Different companies worldwide do somersaults to make rooms have good arrangements in the light. And that is why the polish concrete has become so famous, since it helps to reflect light in a very comprehensive manner and in turn helps the different spaces look larger and very bright. Similarly, the polish concrete aid in reducing energy consumption, because it provides good lighting as excessive use of light becomes smaller.

It is durable: if the person gives you a good use and maintenance to polish concrete, such floors can last for many years, even you can say that can last for a lifetime. Unlike other surfaces, such floors do not need regular maintenance. Only once well polished and ready, again look like new.


Why should I choose Kansas City Concrete Solutions?

Because we have more than 10 years serving our services polish and epoxy concrete throughout the territory of Kansas City. Specialized in the field of:


– Sealed concrete

– Polished Concrete and maintenance

– Grinder and concrete repair work

– Epoxy Flooring and Coatings

– Renewal and concrete cover

– Concrete overlay, etc.

– Pool Coating

– Patio Staining

– Grinding plant


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