Concrete solutions offer the best services in restoration of floors and concrete, they completely restore the old concrete that you have in your house or space and make your floors new and much improved. For over ten years, the company is working with everything related to the field of concrete, at first, the company was dedicated to working with epoxy flooring and gradually with the renewal and growth of the company, the solutions of concrete have added more additional services that currently have for concrete floors.

Today, our company Kansas City Concrete Solutions has become a leader in polishing plants of epoxy and concrete. That is why any activity relating to specific concrete, Solutions Kansas city only represents the first choice of the market, so do not be left out and ask for our services, which we will gladly answer the required demands.


Our services contain:


  • Polished concrete: make the old and finish aspect of the concrete, and take a new look and renewed and it will be beautiful to the eyes of your guests and friends.
  • Concrete: it helps you protect your concrete for several years.
  • Epoxies floors: we help you transform and renovate the basement floor and garage of your house.
  • Grinding Plant: helps open the pores of the concrete to make other applications or to renew or change the way of your floors.
  • Concrete Sealer: it helps you to make a protective barrier to your floor.
  • Maintenance of your patio: helps you improve your colorless and faded look courtyards.
  • Lining of pools: we offer a system of spray polymer provides surface slip and heat resistance to the deck of your pool.
  • Professional Consultation: we guarantees you the 10 years of experience that we have which will provide you and advice on epoxy coating and polished concrete.

It is important to mention that our services are adapting to the demands and requests of our customers and that it can change according to your budget, so do not wait if you need to make a change to your home, patio or pool please go to our services because as we mentioned earlier we are leaders in the renovation market and floor coverings and maintaining them. If you want your home or personal space has a unique and pleasing appearance to the view of all your guests then contact us to give a detailed I outline according to your needs and requirements.


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“Excellent Work!…” I was very satisfied with the crew that came out and polished our warehouse floors. Bob’s guys were very friendly and they got the job done during our off-hours. Would definitely recommend and will use Bob’s company again in a few years to keep things looking nice.

— R. Harrison

Warehouse Facility Site Manager