Epoxy floors – is the perfect combination of durability and style.

All we want is a space that is very clean and is extremely easy to maintain and clean. If you just want your floors last and are easy use, look no further than Kansas City Concrete Solutions is the solution to your problem, we are experts in epoxy floor by a range of more than 10 years.


What are epoxy floors?

They are hardeners and resins are mixed to convert soil in a thick, hard plastic called epoxy floors. What is most striking about this kind of floor is that they can be used to make artwork on your floors or any image the customer wants, even have become much more striking than wood floors, marble, ceramic or tile floors. They are very resistant to all kinds of degradation and continuous use and are ideal to give a touch chic their spaces.

Epoxy floors have different ways of application can be made epoxy flooring or just an epoxy coating. The layers of 2mm are known as epoxy coating. For example, if your floors are for parking cars or you will see that constantly happen you should use full or complete epoxy flooring as their resins are very lasting not allow cracking or wear resistance. More subtle and delicate part you can put a coating of epoxy or epoxy gravel because what you want is a bright and sophisticated finish.


Advantages with using epoxy flooring

One of the biggest advantages of this type of floors are that they are easy to clean and maintain. The epoxy coatings do not require rigorous and costly maintenance because its resin gives easy maintenance and if the case is very dirty with a simple case with household cleaners, you will have the same finish as always your floors.

Other plants have to keep dust, because their soils continue to erode soils but epoxies, they are completely sealed so that it has no chance to create erosion.

Another advantage is that no room to mold and mildew from forming. These bacteria are problems which have to face coatings companies both spaces in garages and industrial floors, especially when the soil retains moisture have. Epoxy floors are resistant to mildew, so if you buy this type of flooring you can rest assured you will not have problems with asthma or allergies.

Epoxy floors are very versatile. This is the part that more customers can enjoy the epoxy because specialists can make art on these floors. Epoxy floors provide a 3D relief to any image that is planted on the floor, from logos to full images can be recorded on these soils.

They are easy to apply. At first it may take some time to install the floor, but because once done, the coating is much easier. At first it is necessary to cover any crack or hole you have the floor, but the first layer covers and closes any entry to give the desired finish second layer only epoxies floors can provide.


Why you can come to us?

We are local experts in the field, with 10 years of experience in polished concrete and epoxy industrial and residential. Our products are of quality, both resins such as military-grade products. Unlike other companies we are not a fly-by-night company, we are a real company with a real address.

That is why we can trust your money, time and energy to their epoxy floors are what you have always dreamed of.